Thomas (he/his) is a dance dramaturge and curator. Shortly after completing a state examination as a medical laboratory technician in Frankfurt am Main, he embarked on new paths and completed a bachelor's degree in theater studies and art history in Berlin. In 2010, while still a student, he interned for Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin and Paris, as well as for the National Center for Dance in Bucharest. Soon after, he discontinued his master's degree in dance studies and devoted himself fully to freelance work as a dramaturge and curator. Since then he has worked internationally with choreographers and institutions across Europe and beyond.

Thomas is regularly engaged as an advisor in mentoring programs of choreographic institutions and as a guest lecturer at academies such as the Inter-University Center for Dance in Berlin and  the Icelandic University of the Arts in Reykjavík. In collaboration with Ibsen International, Goethe Institut Beijing and Beijing Dance Academy, Thomas co-curated a cultural exchange program on dance dramaturgy in China from 2018-2020. Together with Arnbjörg María Danielsen, Thomas curated the Goethe Morph* Iceland, a transcultural hub of the Goethe Institut in Iceland in 2022. He is designated artistic director of the curatorial platform MMPraxis / Montag Modus from 1st January 2024.

For me, dramaturgy is an empathetic practice

of contextualization and of building bridges

between artistic creation and society,

between artistic responsibility and co-creation,

between artist and institution.

It is a collaborative practice of listening

and of establishing trustful and safe common grounds.

A practice that stimulates dialogues

and struggles for cooperation.

A practice of questioning and re-orienting,

of encouraging and conveying perspectives.

A practice that puts the process before the product.

And that guards artistic ideas from to much compromises.

It is an embodied practice of social and cultural exchange

and of productive dispute. It seeks lively debate -

intersectional feministic and inclusive.

And it makes the Other imaginable.

And in this sense, above all,

Dramaturgy is a social practice of encounter

and of living togetherness.